Kevin Sonney is a technology professional, media producer, and co-founder of an internet startup. He has worked the last 20 years in the computer technology field, including stints in technical support, testing, consulting, systems administration, technical sales, and development. Kevin has been using the online handle “Alchemist” since the dial-up BBS days, and still maintains it on IRC, the LiveJournal mirror of this blog, and for his weekly music show on the Dark Mother Radio Stream.

Kevin is also the husbandr of Children’s Author and Artist Ursula Vernon. Kevin and Ursula routinely attend comic & fandom conventions across the US.

When he isn’t on a computer, he enjoys having adventures with Ursula, spending time with his kids, playing games, camping, and hiking.

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  1. Chris says:

    First, don’t bother e-mailing me, only because I rarely check the gmail account these days (too much “approved” spam in the main inbox somehow and I don’t feel like cleaning it).

    I just wanted to comment on your Scotty vs La Forge article….

    You forget the middle ground. I regularly am both in a single day, either due to limitations put on me by the corporation (don’t believe in any type of HA, to the point where we have 2 ESXi boxes and a “SAN”, but only use the second box as a hot spare…).

    Basically, as a lone SA in a 400 seat company, you end up having to be both. Scotty for all the site specific “projects” and “one-offs” and La Forge for anything and everything else, hoping that you can use some of your La Forge skills (say documentation) for your scotty projects :)

    Then again, I feel like our La Forge employees (say the upper ranks of our architect team) don’t really get it. They may have these awesome plans for repeating / scaling up / etc, but they don’t seem to understand the CURRENT situations at the local sites at all.

    Just thought id share my experiences so far :)
    (got to your site from the OpenNMS post on remote-pollers)

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