Arts, Crafts, and a Mess of Sculpy.

So….before I ruin any more perfectly good candy molds, does anyone have any pointers on molding Sculpy? I filled the molds, let it rest/firm up, then hurt the molds getting the Sculpy back out. Yes, sprayed them with the no-stick stuff first. No luck.

Fortunately I used the easy-to-replace molds, and not the ones I inhereted from my grandmother.

I’m thinking I need to make wax castings of the candy molds and then coat those in liquid latex. I can then pop the wax out and use *THAT* to make some latex or rubber molds. which I can peel off the Sculpy. Anyone else have some pointers?

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2 Responses to Arts, Crafts, and a Mess of Sculpy.

  1. fuzz3 says:

    Have you tried the silicone ones?

    These are bakeware, but I know they make candy molds out of the same stuff.

    They should just peel off.

  2. susan_z says:

    i’ve never had much success using inflexible molds with polymer clay. The flexible silicone molds work great, precisely because you can peel the mold off the clay (as you said). Sometimes really shallow molds will release okay, but most candy molds are pretty deep. i think your idea of making new molds out of latex or rubber (or silicone) is probably your best bet.

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