Yes, one man CAN make a difference

Posing as a Bidder, Utah Student Disrupts Government Auction of 150,000 Acres of Wilderness for Oil & Gas Drilling

A Utah Student disrupts the Bush administration’s fire sale of Utah public lands. Notice, also, that the first story below barely mentions the manner in which the lands went up for auction in the first place.

Tim DeChristopher Throws Utah Oil And Gas Drilling Leases Auction Into Chaos
DemocracyNow Interview with Tim DeCristopher

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2 Responses to Yes, one man CAN make a difference

  1. greatblueheron says:

    My parents & I have been chortling with joy about this story. I’m planning to contribute some $ for his defense fund and/or to help pay for the land he bought.

  2. jason0x21 says:

    What I find amusing is that this kid now owes about $1.7 million; and then in the second article: “Actor Robert Redford has been among those speaking out against the sale of these lands.”

    I’m going to bet $1 that Robert Redford could cover the tab alone. So, where is he?

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