FC2010 Con report

So I’ve had about 15 things to write about, but none of them have gelled yet, so I will regale you with a con report.

Ursula and I headed to San Jose, CA last Thursday so she could be Guest of Honor at Further Confusion 2010. After getting the usual review from the TSA, we had a VERY bumpy flight to Dallas, where we caught ANOTHER bumpy flight into San Jose. The con had sent a Limo for us[1], which was hella cool. When we got there, the GoH liaison showed to our suite[2], and we got settled in. And then it was time to get badges, find dinner, be at Opening Ceremonies, arrange con-kit pickup/delivery with Tugrik, and eventually pass out.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were just as busy. *grin*

High Points :
– Meeting the Fans. You guys are great. And being able to be at the Q&A session was a lot of fun. You guys are why we go to cons.
– Getting a chance to hang out with Tugrik for a bit, and see the work he and his friends are doing in their home techshop. Laser Engraved lucite? They can do that. Laser cut wood? He gave us a Mayan Calendar with Ursula’s Red Wombat in the center. It’s under 6 inches across, and the detail is AMAZING. Leather? Metal? Castings? They do that. AMAZING work. I was bummed I didn’t get to see their pannel on fabrication, and doubly bummed that I couldn’t get his crew and the EuroFurance crew together, since I think the EF guys would have loved the work.
– Meeting EmoBurd, one of the better characters I’ve read in a while.
– Being able to host artists[3] in the front room of the suite while they did their homework. Ursula had the idea that the space should be used for SOMETHING, since we weren’t going to use it, and I like to entertain. And I have this thing where I like to take care of artists, so…Plus I got a chance to get to know Waarhorse a little better (VERY cool guy), and hang out with LizardBeth [4]
– Dinner with Carlota, Alex, and Carl Saturday, Dinner with SofaWolf and BLOTCH on Sunday.

…And some things that will be told over drinks, or in the privacy of future artist rooms…

And then the flights home, including sharing a plane to Dallas & dinner in the airport with LizardBeth [5], who got the full Ursula and Kevin “I wonder what’s this way…” experience.

All in all, FC was a lot of fun, and we need to get back out to San Jose to hang out without the Con Madness.

[1] A Limo? Really? For Us? What the hell?
[3] Who dropped by Sunday to Violate my sketchbook. Again.
[4] Have I told you to go read her comic yet? GO READ HER COMIC!
[5] Have you read her comic yet?

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