I never expected that…

Anthrocon was a blast, as usual. As per Ursula’s Post we had fun, but didn’t do as well as we normally do. But since it’s the last con of the season, we’ve got a couple of months to look at the overall trends and play with some new merch ideas.

I also realised that I REALLY need to talk to Ellen again and get the name of the tea and soap suppliers.

That being said, we had fun. We got to hang out with Jennie and her sister and Miss Monster and Spunky and Dave and Diana and the Dorsai Irregulars and the Artist’s Cabal[1] and Laura and Blotch and SofaWolf and tresch and Tango and lots of fans and friends and even more that I’m forgetting.

But what sticks out most is that late Saturday night, I ended up walking the streets of Pittsburgh with a posse.

Ursula was off doing her homework, so Jennie and Miss Monster and I went to the Lawn Party. I got a call from Urs – Laura was done with her homework and was a little concerned about walking back to her hotel alone. Being only mostly inebriated, I told Ursula that I would find a way to make sure she got an escort. Turning to Crimson, an absolutely standup guy and part of the security staff, I posed the concern to him. He offered to go with since he was off duty, and then Jennie and Mel offered to go with, and before we got to where she was we had collected Foxfeather and Mbala and a friend. We picked up Laura (not literally) and off we went to get her to her hotel safely in the dark of Pittsburgh.

After a wrong turn or two (and I owe Crimson BIGTIME for riding herd on us) we did get her to her hotel. On the way we kept Miss Monster mostly out of trouble, we saw the AMAZING architecture that is the Renaissance Pittsburgh, wondered past public art, found out that the Allegheny River looks really cool at night and that there are some neat bridges over it, and I decided that I need to get out of the Convention Center area a little more next year.

As we were staggering back, it dawned on me – this is not supposed to happen. I should NOT have a posse. Miss Monster should have a posse. Jennie should have a posse. Ursula should have a posse. Me? I’m just Ursula’s lackey at these things. I should be walking back alone, not with a group of some of the truly fantastic people I get to hang out with at these things. [3]

On our way back, we detoured to the dance so Jennie could see the spectacle. Which resulted in all of us on the dance floor. After about half an hour[3], we were panting and hanging out near the fursuit lounge. Looking at my phone I that it was almost 2am, and perhaps it was time to head to the room and pass out.

I call that a good Saturday night. *grin*

[1] What I have dubbed the a group of artists who ALWAYS seem to be hanging together – namely Heather, Natasha, Marci, Diana, and Shyboar

[2]  Which is one of the reasons I like the furry cons so much – there are some great people at them, and some who have become phenomenal friends – even if I only get to hang out with them once or twice a year.

[3] I love me some house/techno, but the DJ needed to vary the tempos some. The songs changed, but the beat remained the same. Give me a cooldown song every so often, dude. Please.

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  1. LauraGarabedian says:

    Definitely one of my favorite memories of the con as well. That was a fantastic evening.

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