[D&D] The Co-Op

Author’s note : This started as flavor text, and sorta grew from there. I needed a store, and well…
The Co-Op

There are few things as useful across the cosmos as a good supply shop.

The Co-Op (no-one knows what it’s actually called) is a one-stop shop for almost anything an adventurer needs.  Be it the latest in magical items, the simplest of trail rations, or the rarest of gloves, the

Co-Op has it. And the Co-Op has EVERYTHING, from the best to the worst. Need an organically raised cockatrice egg? Check the magically cooled produce racks. How about 1000 feet of monofilament? Ropes and ties on aisle five. There is a very strong emphasis on fair-trade, organic, and humanely produced materials.

Staffed by a perpetual series of 20-something politically active humanoids (depending on the plane, mind you) who fit the universal constant of “Stoner” and/or “Hippie.” They are generally managed by an older group of former “Stoners” and/or “Hippies” – you know the ones. While it seems odd that you can get ANYTHING at the Co-Op no-one seems to care. And the people who live near a co-op are very protecive of it. Adventurers tend to settle in neighborhoods near Co-Ops.

It should be noted that the local Managers are evasive about exactly how deliveries are made, and noone is allowed to stay in them overnight. There seems to be no delivery entrance, but there is a stockroom in the back.

A Co-Op is found in almost every large city of every plane of existance.

Knowledge About the Co-Op :

Streetwise DC 10 : The Co-Op is the place to go if you need ANYTHING. Buy a membership ($15 GP), and you are entitled to a 5% discount on all goods, with a 5% dividend at the end of the year. The Brass City and Shadowfell stores are said to stock things best left on those planes.

Streetwise DC 15 :  Anyone caught in the store overnight is considered a tresspasser and theif, and dealt with by the cleaning staff. These people are (usually) never heard from again.

Streetwise DC 30 : Deliveries and nightly cleaning is done by a firm contracted by the mysterious owners of the Co-Op. The exact staffing for this varies from plane to plane. In all casses, they must be able to get in and out of the stockroom every night, leave the store vermin free, and do it all with humane methods.

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