On Elizabeth Edwards….

A lot of people I know are writing about the death of Elizabeth Edwards, and the involvement of the Westboro people, and so on and so forth.

And I think my friend Mur summed it up quite nicely :

Today I read that the Westboro Baptist “Church” (quotes intentional) is coming to town to picket her funeral. If you don’t know who they are, Google it. I refuse to link to their feces-laden activities because their “god” supposedly hates “fags.” I assume they’re coming because she, unlike her ex-husband, supported gay marriage. While reading, I felt the usual outrage I feel whenever that “church” is mentioned, and then realized something. These fuckbaskets picketed Matthew Shepherd’s funeral (a gay man beaten and killed, whose brutal story woke America up to violence against gays), the funerals of many men and women in uniform who died for their country, and unbelievably, (Mr.) Fred Rogers.

And I decided that it was a high compliment for them to travel from Kansas to picket her. If Westboro hates you, you’re probably doing something right. She’s in excellent company.

You can read the rest of her post on Elizabeth Edwards, how Mur met and got to know her, and her opinion (which I share) about Elizabeth At Mur’s Blog

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