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As mentioned a few months back, I quit smoking. I haven’t had an actual light-it-on-fire tobacco product since August of 2010. I did, however, jump on the e-cig bandwagon when my friend Mike was kind enough to gift me with one. And I’m REALLY happy with the whole e-cig thing.

When that one burned out, I switched to the ModernVapor SlideSho. I REALLY love the SlideSho, and so far, everyone who I’ve recommended it to is also very happy with it. Easy to refill, easy to maintain, and about the same “feel” as a traditional cigarette.

Added to that : a few months back, CDA Vapor Brothers contacted Ursula about using the Pear[1] for the labeling on their new Pear flavor. And as part & parcel of the deal, they sent some freebies for me to try out. I got a look at their entire catalog before choosing some to try out, and let me just say their selection of flavors & scents is wicked[2]. They had things I’ve not seen ANYWHERE else, and so I give them lots of cool points for that. They also do small batches, and work very hard to maintain quality. So any reviews on flavors have nothing to do with the quality of the product, just personal preference.

So, on to what I tried :

  1. Purge – A flavorless liquid to clear other flavors out of an atomizer. It works like a champ. Buy this!
  2. Chocolate Mint – Best of the bunch. Chocolatey, not too minty, and very pleasant. Dead on the mark.
  3. Pear – Of course I’m going to try the pear. Mild to me, strong to others, worth picking up if you like pear.
  4. Earl Grey Tea – this one leaves me a little cotton-mouth, but in fairness, so does a proper Earl Grey. Give it a pass unless you are a big bergamot fan.
  5. Baron Samedi’s Cigar – Hints of caramel, Carribean spices, and rum. A little too much for me, but one friend really liked it, so I gave it to him.
  6. Absinthe – This one is a little odd. Almost flavorless to me on it’s own, backed with a little pear or apple, it the anise flavor jumps right out. Buy it and mix it!

So now I’m trying to figure out what to try form them when this set runs out. Maybe the “Mango” and the “Gin” flavors…

[1] You know the one. If you don’t, just google “LOL WUT”
[2] No, really. “Huckleberry,” “Gin,” “Brewer’s Beer,” “Peanut Butter,” “Worcestershire,” “Toasted Almond,” and “Mary Juana”[3] are among the choices
[3] A flavor I’ll pass on, since you KNOW it’s the one that would be in the e-cig when you get pulled for a busted tail light…

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