All we ever do is eat and play music

Looking over my last few posts, you’d think my life had become nothing but food and music. Far from it. But I can’t talk about work too much (it’s a good job but busy), a lot of my life gets documented by Ursula, and Google Plus has become my social network of choice for quick updates and near-realtime discussion (replacing twitter, I’m afraid), so the only things of interest I have to post about are the In The Evening updates and what we’re eating that isn’t being reviewed on Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap.

So I’ve not got much to say here, except : we ate this fantastic pork roast earlier this week, and it was DEAD SIMPLE to make. It’s just not fast. Tell me what you think.

Cider Pork Roast

One 2-lb pork roast
One bottle Crispin Hard Cider Stout
About a cup of “regular” apple cider
1 lb yukon gold potatos
1/2 lb baby carrots

Rub a bit of salt and pepper on the outside of the port roast. Place in a slow-cooker fat-side down. Pour the Ciders over it – it’s OK if it doesn’t cover the roast. Set to “low” and forget about it for 3 hours. After 3 Hours, turn the roast over, so the fat-side is up, and replace the lid. Forget about it for 3 more hours. Chop the potatoes into 8 pieces. Add the potatoes and carrots to the slow-cooker. The liquid should just about cover the roast now. Replace the lid, and forget about it for 4 more hours. Remove the roast, and pull it apart. Serve with the potatoes and carrots on the side, using the juice as gravy.

Shred the leftovers, and place in a bowl with enough “juice” to soak them. Re-heat for sandwiches later.

Note: This did not cross-post properly to Livejournal/Dreamwidth, so I had to push the date up to today (2011-09-24) and update. Sorry to anyone who gets a dupe in their feed)

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  1. Heather says:

    Here by way of KUEC podcast (longtime listener and fan of Ursula’s delightful art, blogs, books, and comic). Thank you for sharing this recipe (as well as the other Eating Fresh recipes you post), Kevin. I made this for my family and best friend tonight and they absolutely loved it and could not stop eating it. And thanks for all the work you do putting the podcast together– not only is it entertaining and informative (*odd* information, but disturbingly useful at times), but thanks to the podcast and Ursula’s gardening blog posts I started gardening this year and I’m enjoying it a great deal, despite bug bites, backaches, forty-dollar single-strawberry crops (damn you, bunnies!), and occasional (alright, frequent) total bewilderment at the whims of Biology and Nature. Thanks again!

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