I hate it when I have to do this (SJK vs. PP)

Update:It would seem that shortly after my post, SJK Took it all back and then some. You should still support PP, though.

As many long-time readers may remember, I have been a supporter, in the past, of the Susan J. Komen foundation. My grandmother had breast cancer. I’ve participated in the local Race for the Cure in her memory. I’ve done fund raisers and made donations and encouraged other to donate.

This week, I have to stop all that. Because they’ve publicly stopped funding Planned Parenthood, for reasons that are superficial at best, and politics of the worst kind if we are honest with ourselves.

Look, I believe in the SJK mission. I think they’ve been a great organization over the years. But if they are going to step outside that mission to make a statement, to cut funding to the women who actually NEED the services they were funding, perhaps it’s time to find another breast cancer prevention and awareness charity. And when I do find one, I’ll share.

In the mean time, please help out Planned Parenthood. They do more for women and women’s health than damn near anyone else, and that’s a hell of a lot more important than politics.

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  1. Actually, they didn’t take it back and then some. All they said was that current grants won’t be removed, which they had said beforehand. They still have not promised to fund PP in the future. The rabid right wing VP they hired last year is still on their payroll. And, in addition to that, it has also come out that last year they pulled grants from several places that do embryonic stem cell research. Now these were not grants for embryonic stem cell research, but the places they went to (Johns Hopkins for one) had other people doing that kind of research.

    Personally, I think SGK needs to come clean and vow that politics will not affect anything about how they run their charity because it’s clear that they’re only doing damage control at this point.

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