Bubonicon and That Worldcon Thing

I promised a report on both Bubonicon and Worldcon, and since I’m home fighting off the con-crud today, I figured it’s as good a time as any.

In short – both are AWESOME. Bubonicon is possibly one of the best cons we’ve attended, since the staff and fans are nice, and the regular attendees include SF/F royalty. We didn’t have a table, so Ursula could spend more time with the fans and attendees, and it was AWESOME. The entire con was just pure fun, and in some cases, almost a warm-up for WorldCon, since we would be seeing many of the authors and fans there the following weekend. If you are a SF/F writer, this is one of the “must go” cons for you, since it give you the opportunity to talk with your peers, both past, present, and future.

And see them we did, as we were off to Worldcon about two days after we got home. We were going just for the Hugos, but were able to spend a lot of time at the SofaWolf table meeting fans. And in addition to that, we were able to meet some of OUR favorite authors and creators (and see many of our new friends from Bubonicon). We took the time to see how the sausage was made at the Business Meeting[1], which was really eye-opening. Did you know that a room with about 120 people at WorldCon makes decisions like what Hug categories stay and which go? We didn’t, but now we do[2]. I could go on about how awesome the Foglios are, how much of a class act people like Howard Taylor and Adam Christopher are[3], the fun we had with friend and roommate Mur Lafferty, and the trip to the Asian grocery with Duncan and Takaza[4], but I’m guessing no one cares about that right now.

You want to hear about the Hugo.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed that Ursula’s Digger was nominated for Best Graphic Story. And – spolier alert! – she won. It was AMAZING.

We were on pins and needles all night, we sat in the audience and held hands tighter and tighter as the category got closer, and then they announced her name and it was just WOW. I lost it and sat there in tears of joy while she delivered her speech like a pro. She looked FABULOUS on stage with all the winners. We went to the after party, and had a lot of fun. The fans were amazing, stopping and congratulating her whenever they saw her. My lady is now part of SF/F history, her comic has the recognition we all felt it deserved for YEARS, and I couldn’t be more proud.

And if I didn’t see the photos on the internet, I’d hardly believe it.

On Monday morning, we were just another couple at the airport, two more people in line for the TSA, and one more car driving home. We had our traditional after-con meal of Burger King (oo, fancy us), and came home to clean up after the beagle, hug the collie who missed us greatly, and remind the cats that no, this is really our bed, not theirs. Get the kids off to school, grab some milk at the grocery…you know, normal things. maybe it was all a dream….

…but there she is, standing next to Cat Valente and Neal Gaiman, holding a rocket. So it must be true. We figure we’ll both be a little giddy for a week, while we adjust to being home, and then it’s back to the grind.

It was a good set of trips, but it’s good to be home – where the cats keep us humble, the dogs adore us, and the frogs sing their songs of love out in the pond every night.

And once we recover, I’ll start thinking about next year.

[1] Where we helped make the Graphic Story Hugo permanent, and fought the opening round of creating a Young Adult Hugo, although we lost that vote – this time
[2] And, I’m sa to say, mostly older fans, many of whom admit their ignorance, and use that as a selling point as to why a category shouldn’t exist.
[3] I could give you a list of awesome people who we were able to meet, hang out with, and get to know, but man, it is a long list…
[4] There will be more on that, including audio if it came out, on KUEC.

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