Spider Lilies with 0pt-0ut, Mechanikill, Dark30, ShadowBunny, Orgavin, and JoeHendrix

So last night I hauled my ass to Raleigh to catch Spider Lilies at Shakedown Street as part of SIGNAL 2011.

And it was awesome.

Shakedown Street is this great little all-ages place on Hillsboro Street, across from NCSU. It’s themed to go along with the name – in Grateful Dead stuff. The owners were really cool, though, plus they were REALLY nice, and the bar has a reasonable selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I’m looking forward to getting back there for other shows.

I missed the first few acts, and got there just after Dark30 started. Dark30 is the brainchild of Draven Arcane out of Ashville. It’s heavy industrial, and really kicked ass. I expect to hear a LOT more from them. And you can expect to hear them on In The Evening in the next few weeks.

After that was Mechanikill. After the last time I saw them, I was expecting just…Noise. Wrong answer. Seems that the last time was a fluke[1], and they were a hell of a lot better this time. I switched from “eww” to “fan” after the first song, and they got better from there.

The next act was 0PT0UT. These guys had the whole place slamming with their original material and their covers of “So What” and “1996” – two songs that take some great big brass ones to do in the first place. They owned it, start to finish.

Finally, the reason I was there – Spider Lilies. They opened with “Metaphor,” closed with “Pay,” did a remix version of “Mirror in the Dark” live, and had a couple of new songs from the next album in there. Once again, Stacey’s vocals & guitar and Chad’s guitar had me from the moment they started. The time they were on stage kinda flew by, and it was really cool to see them again. I cannot wait for their next album.

One of the great things about a small venue is that I had the opportunity to not just watch, but hang out with all the artists that played last night. While I may have fan-boy-ed a little[2] over Stacey (sorry), I was able to talk to everyone I saw last night. That was the icing on the cake after a set of great performances by everyone.

[1] Equipment failure. They were still kinda pissed that the show went badly for them that night.
[2] OK, maybe a lot. I’ll be better next time.

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