Work Travel Considerations

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So I am doing a lot of travel back & forth to Seattle for work. And I got to thinking – while the reimburse me, it would be nice to consolidate the spending into a single account for both tracking and liability purposes. Does anyone have a recommendation for a credit card with a good travel program? This would be something I can dedicate to travel, and pay off after every check comes in from the office, and would be used exclusively for business expenses when I travel (airfare, hotel, food, etc).

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  1. Jeff says:

    Depends on the travel you plan on… if you have any plans for international travel, I’d suggest any of the cards from Capital One simply because they don’t charge international transaction fees. I think there are a few others that also do not charge international fees as well, but not many. Most charge up to 3% per purchase. I have two small Capital One cards that I use for work travel that have decent rates, no international fees and usually give me a good exchange rate when abroad.

    Now, excepting that, use whatever you like for work travel. My personal suggestion, if you’re going to be doing a fair bit if travel, is get one that gives you miles on your airline… My preference is US Air, or any of the Star Alliance airlines, but I generally stick with US Air because I almost always get a free 1st Class upgrade on domestic flights (I travel somewhere between 50 and 80K miles/year). So if you find you’re going to be on the same airline (or the same airline group like Star Alliance or others) get a card that will give you miles on the airline… then you’re getting something out of it.

    Some airline cards will also give you bonus miles for buying your tickets using their card, in addition to the standard frequent flyer miles for purchases and so forth.

    I’d stay away from Discover, simply because it’s not as readily accepted as Visa, Mastercard or Amex…

    I also have friends who have Amex cards and swear by them, but I’ve been quite happy with a low-limit Visa and MC from Capital One…

  2. Steve Simmons says:

    Gary Bratzel swears by the AMEX/Delta Airlines card. Apparently you get multiple per-flight bag checks for you and your travel companion, access to the hospitality suites, etc. There’s likely an equivalent AMEX deal for whatever airline works best for you and your travel.

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